2011 Battle

Dunckel's "Anonymous" are Defending Battle of the Books Co-Champs

Information for Teams and Managers

There will not be a Semifinal Round this year. The first 60 teams that sign up at the Farmington Community Library (either branch) will automatically enter the one-round Battle and Costume Contest, to be held at the Costick Center. Only seventh and eighth graders will participate this year. There will only be six books.

Battle: Monday, March 28, 7 pm, at the Costick Center

  • The Battle involves answering 30 questions.
  • The costume contest is also held during the Final. Costumes are judged on creativity and on how well they reflect the name of the team.
  • Prizes are awarded for winners of the Battle and of the costume contest.

Description of the Books

Team Registration Form


Teams have 4-6 members. They can be from grade 7 or 8. They must attend Dunckel Middle School.

Each team member may check out one book at a time. Books are due in one week, at DMS.

Questions are written by librarians from the Farmington Community Library (FCL). There will be 30 questions asked during the Battle, covering the six books as evenly as possible. Each team will have 20 seconds to write down its answer and submit it. Every team that answers correctly will receive points. Teams may receive 5, 4, 1, or 0 points for each question. To get 5, they must answer the question AND name the author of the book that the question comes from, so encourage your teams to know every author. They get 4 points if they answer the question but do not give the author, 1 point if they only name the author, and 0 if they answer incorrectly or if they do not answer at all.

Managers are asked to attend the Battle, though they will sit with other teams. Managers do not wear costumes.


  • Have more than one person per team read each book, so there is overlap. No one person has to read all six books! Of course, people do...
  • Teams can meet face to face (or virtually!) to quiz each other on books, trying to guess at what questions might be asked. It is up to each team to decide on whether or not to meet. Managers may be involved, or not.
  • Know your authors' names!
  • Make a team name that lends itself to a cool costume, if you are interested in the costume contest.

Typical Questions from 2009

  • In the book Schooled, how old was Capricorn when Rain taught him to drive?
Answer: Eight
  • In the book Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, when Jeremy's dad was a boy, who was his favorite comic book character?
Answer: Archie
  • In the book Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians, what color footprints did the Dark Oculator leave?
Answer: Black
  • In the book Rules, on Catherine's GROSS card for Jason, a woman has what insect on her spoon instead of cereal?
Answer: A maggot
  • In the book Stumptown Kid, in what Iowa town do both Charlie and Luther currently live?
Answer: Holden

Note: Clearly, Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians is a work of outrageous fiction. Whoever heard of an evil librarian??